Sunday, August 23, 2020

How We Express Ourselves (session 20-21)

 Role Model Essay for Students and Children | 500 Words Essay

Central Idea: Choices of role models reflect the characteristics of society and individual’s values. 

An inquiry into:

  • Characteristics of role model.

  • Influence of role models on societies.

  • Reasons to develop our own gifts, talents and interests.

Key concept:

  • Form, 

  • Perspective

  • Causation

Learners Profile: 

  • Principled       

  • Open Minded

  • Reflective

ATL Skills:

  • Thinking Skills, 

  • Social Skills


  • Respect, 

  • Curiosity

Day: 1
Date: 16 August, 2020 (Sunday)
Learning Engagement: Provocation
We have started our new unit today. The theme of the unit is How We Express Ourselves. Learners were provoked by showing different persons' pictures. They chose any one picture from the attachment and thought about it. In pairs they shared their thoughts orally or in written format by using a padlet ( They tried to give the following questions answer :
What you can see in the picture?
What is your point of view?
Who is the person in the picture?
Can you tell us about him?
How do you know him?
Do you like him?
 Why do you like him?
How is he different from others?
Do you want to be like him/her?
Why do you want to be like him/her?
In English, they started with a warm up activity on adjectives. They played online games in the following link: After that they solved a task sheet where they write adjectives from the given pictures.  
In Maths, they played online addition with regrouping games from the given link: After that they created and solved 3 digits addition with regrouping sums in the link:

Day: 2
Date: 17 August, 2020 (Monday)
Learning Engagement: Prior knowledge checking
In UOI, learners made a mind map on the word "role model" and made a list of role models from their knowledge from different area. Like-game, society, different country and world. We used the tools anecdotes to check learners prior knowledge.
In English Language, they did degrees of adjective. First they watch the following videos ( then they wrote the comparative and superlative degrees from their yesterday’s work. They also visited the link ( to enrich themselves more.
In Maths, they did addition with regrouping in a task sheet and also watched the video ( on addition with Regrouping.

Day: 3
Date: 18 August, 2020 (Tuesday)
Learning Engagement: Unpacking the central idea
In UOI, learners unpacked the central idea in groups by using virtual tool padlet ( They tried to make connections with big idea .They found the related concept and discussed the key concepts. Learners used the key words and tried to create their own Central Idea. In English Language, today they solved differentiated task sheets by their choice on degrees of adjectives. They also played a quiz those lhave completed the task sheet from this following link ( In Maths, they created any 2 regrouping addition sums using 3 digits and asked their partner to solve those in the given padlet link:

Day: 4
Date: 19 August, 2020 (Wednesday)
Learning Engagement: Students question
In UOI, learners used padlet ( Padlet link: to make student questions where they followed the lines of inquiry. They showed their interest to know more about the role models.
In English, they wrote sentences on their family members using adjectives.
In Maths, learners created and solved 4 to 5 addition regrouping sums by themselves using their thinking skills.

Date: 20 August, 2020 (Thursday)
3 Way conference held. No class today.

Day: 5
Date: 23 August, 2020 (Sunday)
Learning Engagement: Frayer Model 
Today learners did inquiry to find the meaning , characteristics, examples and non examples of role models. They shared their understanding with class and reflected their findings through the Frayer Model.
In English, they used adjectives in sentences by comparing themselves with any of their family members.
In Maths, learners were assessed through prior knowledge checking. They solved any one task sheet according to their choice. 

Day: 6
Date: 24 August, 2020 (Monday)
Learning Engagement: Characteristics of a role model (Integrated with English)
In UOI, Learners chose any role model and did inquiry about them to find the characteristics. The task was integrated with English. They wrote words or sentences on their chosen role model using adjectivess. They also watched a biography of mother Teresa from the given link: In Maths, they solved any one differentiated task sheet according to their choice. They did "Add and multiply" by themselves. 

Day: 7
Date: 25 August, 2020 (Tuesday)
Learning Engagement: Inquiry on role model
In UOI, learners did their inquiry on role models. They chose a biography of any role model and did inquiry to share or present their understanding.They presented through an ppt/role play/chart presentation or Oral presentation. They took help from the following links to watch the biography of role models.
In English, they started to learn synonyms and antonyms. First, they watched a video from the given link: They were given a passage, from there they found adjectives and wrote their synonyms and antonyms. As a part of the inquiry they took help from the internet and dictionary to write them.
In Maths, they did repeated addition and multiplication task sheets. They chose and solved any one task sheet from the given differentiated task sheet.

Day: 9
Date: 26 August, 2020 (Wednesday)
Learning Engagement: Characteristics of role model
Learners visited the link ( and respond to the question: "What are the characteristics of a role model?" Then they wrote the characteristics of the role model which they got with their chosen role model.
In English, they watched a video: and identified at least 4 adjectives from the video link, then they wrote their synonyms and antonyms. They developed their thinking and research skills though the task. In Maths, they chose and solved differentiated task sheets on multiplication word problems.

Day: 10
Date: 27 August, 2020 (Thursday)
Learning Engagement: Taking an interview
Today learners took an interview of their family members/friends to know more about the characteristics of a role model. They asked the following questions:
1.Who is your role model?
2.Why have you chosen him or her as your role model?
3.Which quality have you adapted from your role model?
4.Do you think everybody can be a role model?
5.How you can be a role model?
In English Language, they chose and solved differentiated task sheet on synonyms. There were different words with clues, they chose the words and wrote beside the similar word.
In Maths, they started to learn two digit multiplication. Before starting the task, they watched a video ( for their better understanding. Then they chose one task sheet from the attached file and solved it themselves.


Day: 11
Date: 31 August, 2020 (Monday)
Learning Engagement: Formative assessment-1
Learners took formative assessment-1 on their first LOI. They chose their role model and jotted down their characteristics by using a bubble map/role play /chart work /PPT.
In English Language, they chose and solved differentiated task sheets on antonyms. There were different words with clues, they chose the words and wrote beside the opposite word.
In Maths, they watched the video and learned from the class how to do two digit multiplication and then they tried to solve the differentiated task sheet according to their choice. 

Day: 12
Date: 01 September, 2020 (Tuesday)
Learning Engagement: provocation on 2nd LOI
Learners started their 2nd lines of inquiry today. They answered the following questions in the Menti Meter site (
-What do you learn from role models?
-How can you apply it in the Society?
-What you mean by the word influence?
In English Language, they took their formative assessment-1 on Adjectives, Degrees of Adjectives, Synonyms and Antonyms.
In Maths, they created and solved 4 to 5 multiplication sums by themselves. 

Day: 13
Date: 02 September, 2020 (Wednesday)
Learning Engagement:Role model in different sectors
Learners had an interactive discussion with the facilitator on different role models from different sectors. A pdf file was attached, they read for their further inquiry. After then, they wrote on the role models the sector they are famous for from the given pdf.
In English Language, it was a provocation for the learners. They were told different sentences and asked to tell the action/doing words from the sentences orally. After that they wrote some doing/action words in the virtual tool named menti meter. They clicked the following link to write:
In Maths, they solved challenging multiplication word problems, a situation and different questions were given, they needed to solve it using their thinking skills.

Day: 14
Date: 03 September, 2020 (Thursday)
Learning Engagement:Influences of role models
Today was a big inquiry day for the learners! They got familiar with a new virtual tool named Wakelet. Where they wrote anything about their role model. They added a role model picture, Text or link about the role model, Video on their role model, his/her contribution, their writing on how they influences the society. They clicked the following link:
In English Language, they were assessed on their prior knowledge of verbs. They wrote their understanding of verbs in a Frayer Model.
In Maths, as the task was very challenging to them, we continued yesterdays task.

Day: 15
Date: 06 September, 2020 (Sunday)
Learning Engagement: Identify the role models from the current situation.
In today's unit class learners identified the role models from the current situation and their influences to the societies that meet the social needs. They wrote their thoughts in the mind map.
In English Language, they wrote their 5 daily actions in sentence using verbs.
In Maths, they introduced with a new virtual tool named Where they make multiplication word problems and solved by themselves.

Day: 16
Date: 07 September, 2020 (Monday)

As tomorrow is International Literacy Day, learners did inquiry on different writers and about their works. 
In English, they did a task sheet where they got a passage and found verbs from that passage. Learns solved the problems which they created yesterday in the Some of them also did it in the Google doc.

Day: 17
Date: 08 September, 2020 (Tuesday)
Learners celebrated the International Literacy Day today. 

Day: 18
Date: 09 September, 2020
Learning Engagement:  If you become a role model-
1. In which sector you want to work & how you are going to influence the society.
Learners have expressed their plans in which sector they want to work and how are they going to influence the society if they become a Role model. They have researched and after that got a common google docx sheet and they wrote about their desired sector, how they are going to influence the society from that sector and picked up one picture of  a real life role model from that specific sector.

Day: 19
Date: 10 september, 2020
Learning Engagement: Demonstrating multiple word problems from real life and attaching a picture of the learning Engagement. 
In today's mathematics class, Learners were suppose to make a real life word problem of multiplication and attach a picture of their learning engagement. Learners have made their own word problems from real life and upload it on Google classroom. A learner has submitted his work accordingly in the picture down below.

Day: 20
Date: 13 September 2010
Learning Engagement: Taking action on the influence of being a role model.
Learners have implemented written action on how they will influence society after being a role model. 
They have taken picture of those actions and uploaded it into 
In pictures, learners have played their role if they become a role model. They have taken picture as teacher, scientist, businessman, doctor etc and posted it on wakelet. 

Day: 21
Date: 14 September 2020
Learning Engagement: Solving worksheet on subtraction.
Learners have started doing subtraction in this unit by solving out a worksheet. In pictures, learners have solved out the subtraction problems without borrowing and posted it on Google classroom.

Day: 22
Date: 15 September 2020
Learning Engagement: Reflection of taken action.
Today learners wrote a reflection on their taken action in the attached doc. Actions were based on 1. Their taken action was.. 2. Their influence or contribution to the society through the action & 3. Still they have the question in mind.
In pictures learners have written their reflection.

Day: 23
Date: 16 September 2020
Learning engagement: Discussion about favorite role model.
Learners have chosen a role model whom he/she wants to inquire about. They have choose from the previous class discussion. After that they moved to the given google slide and put all the information they gathered about chosen role model from internet.

Day: 24
Date: 17 September 2020
Learning Engagement: Formative assessment on role model.
Today learners have given formative assessment by dressing up like their chosen role model and talk about their contribution to the societies as a voice of that role model. In the pictures, learners have presented themselves as Bill Gates & Malala Yusufzai.

Day: 25
Date: 20.09.20
Learning engagement: Prior knowledge check on Gift, Talent and Interest.
It was learners prior knowledge assessment today. The concept was Gift, talent and Interest. Learners have demonstrated their primary idea about the concept like what they understand about God gifted things/people's talent/Interest factors. They got a docs file for the task and the learners have demonstrated their understanding in the pictures below.

Day: 26
Date: 21.09.20
Learning engagement: Exploring any of the given biographies and finding out what the gift, talent & interest they had.
Learners have seen a video of Legends biography. After that they have inquired about the great people of that video & found out the gift, talent & interest they had themselves. Video link: 
In pictures below, learners have shared their knowledge about those personalities.

Day: 27
Date: 22.09.20
Learning engagement: Taking an interview of parents about their gifts, talent & Interest.
Today learners got an interview form to take interview of their parents about ongoing concept gift, talent & Interest. After that they have taken interview of their parents and represent it. In pictures below, some learners work is being shown.

Day: 28
Date: 23.09.20
Learning engagement: Exploring 
Gift, Talent and Interest in thyself.

Today learners have explored Gift, talent & interest in themselves and made individual videos by talking on it. 
In the video below, a learner is talking about her gift , talent and interest and did few work according to your talent and interest. 

After making video they uploaded it to

and shared the link in Google class. usp=drivesdk 

Learning engagement: Conceptual understanding on division.
Today learners had shown up their conceptual understanding on division in mathematics and solved different types of worksheet having the same concept in puzzled way. In the pictures below, a learner have solved the worksheets accordingly.

Learning engagement: Bubble map on role model.
Today learners got a PEAR DECK 🍐 link to make a bubble map on role model. They question was,do they believe that to be a role model people need gift talent and Interest.
After that they had to choose a role model and wrote his/her gift talent and interest in bubble map.
After this had a discussion on reasons to develop gift talents and interest. And wrote it in a worksheet.

Day: 31
Date: 28.09.2020
Learning engagement: Formative Assessment 3 on How can I be a role model.

Day: 32
Date: 29.09.2020
Learning engagement: Playing Kangaroo 🦘 game on auxiliary verbs.
Today learners have played one ESL class game named Kangaroo 🦘 game on auxiliary verbs and attached the final score of them.

Day: 33
Date: 30.09.2020
Learning engagement: Portfolio work.

Day: 34
Date: 01.10.2020
Learning engagement: Portfolio work.

Day: 35
Date: 04.10.2020
Learning engagement: Unit Revision.
Today learners have reviewed the unit again and have reflection on a Google slide presentation. Details in pictures. Link is given below: 

Day: 36
Date: 05.10.2020
Learning engagement: Prior knowledge check on Data handling (maths)
Today Learners have shown their understanding of data handling in maths. In the pictures below, learners have demonstrated their knowledge of data handling in the given docx file.
Day: 37
Date: 06.10.2020
Learning engagement: Learners profile assessment.
Today learners have assessed themselves through an assessment sheet. They have reflected on the given profiles according to themselves. In picture below, a learner has assessed herself on the scale of learner profiles.
Day: 38
Date: 07.10.2020
Learning engagement: 

Day: 39
Date: 08.10.2020
Learning engagement: